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Find the rank of an array using c#


In this article, I will discuss how to find the rank of an array using C#.  


Here I will discuss how to determine the rank of an array, Rank of an array means how to state the dimension of an array. Here we will perform using C#. C# has a predefined Rank property by which we can find the Rank of an array.
Follow the below code for learning how to determine the dimension of an Array.
using System;

namespace ConsoleRankArray
    class RankArray
            public static void Main()
                int[] dimOneArray = new int[10];
                int[,] dimTwoArray = new int[10, 3];
                int[][] jaggedArray = new int[5][];

1 dimension(s)
2 dimension(s)
1 dimension(s)


In this article, I discussed how we can determine the dimension of the array. This article will help full to find out the dimension of an array. Happy to helping you 😊

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