How to subtract two strings in c#.net

Introduction Subtract integer, decimal values are too much easy, but when someone asks How to subtract two strings, then we get a little bit shock. So in this article I will share how to demonstrate this. Implementation For performing this, I will create a console application using C#. I will take 3 strings as variables, from those I will take 2 strings…

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C#, DataTable, SQL, sql server table valued parameter performance, table valued parameter in sql server

How to pass data-table as parameter to a stored procedure in MSSQL from C# Application

Introduction Here I will discuss how to pass/send a data-table as parameter to a stored procedure from c# application.In other words, we can say how to pass table valued parameter as parameter in the stored procedure in SQL server. When we are sending one line of query to the stored procedure that time, we can send our defined variable, during…

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